Dear God,

As we begin our Advent pilgrimage,

grant us the courage to hope.

Hope for your presence,

Hope for your peace,

Hope for your promise. Amen.



Dear God,

As we journey down this Advent road,

grant us the courage to make peace.

Peace in our hearts,

Peace in our homes,

Peace in our communities. Amen.



Dear God,

In the height of our Advent walk,

grant us the courage to experience joy.

Joy in the face of apathy,

Joy in the face of sorrow,

Joy in the face of uncertainty. Amen.



Dear God,

As our Advent pilgrimage draws to completion,

grant us the courage to share your love.

Love for the unexpected challenge,

Love for the vulnerable one.

Love for the presence of God. Amen.


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Light a Candle

Christians light candles as a symbol of our prayers being entrusted to God. They are reminders to us that Jesus Christ is the "light of the world", and the warmth they spread symbolises God's loving comfort. Many people in our parish like to light candles in our church. Father Robbie is very happy to light a candle before the statue of Our Lady of Lourdes for anyone who would like one as a symbol of their prayer for themselves or a loved-one. To request a candle be lit, please fill in the form below and and any message you wish him to pray that day click submit; you'll then be asked to complete a 'antispam' confirmation that you're not a spammer robot. Fr Robbie will get back to you with confirmation.
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